Winter Candle

Winter Candle

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While we originally set out to sell only curated gift boxes, we received such positive feedback about our seasonal candles that we've added them as a stand-alone item.

What makes them so special?

To begin with, our candles are made with 100% American farmed soy wax and 100% cotton wicks, which means they burn cleanly (no soot or carcinogens to breath) and longer than their paraffin counterparts.

But perhaps the most popular aspect is the scent - for our winter candle we targeted a blend that evokes the smell of the Vermont woods on a crisp snowy day. It's fresh, clean, and crafted with 100% pure essential oils (because 'fragrance oils' are NOT natural). Our candles are also made to order in small batches, so the balance of top, middle and low notes remains intact.

While we don't disclose all the oils we use (we consider the scent proprietary), we will say the predominant notes in our winter candle are pine and vanilla.  

An excellent host/hostess gift, the quality of this candle is on par with, and exceeds, many high end candles that sell for much more. If you want a natural candle that smells like your holiday tree, but better, THIS is the one! 

10 oz.

Burn time: 50 hrs.