About Vermont Crafted

Our family came to Vermont in the middle of winter on vacation and, as many do, fell in love with the wide open spaces, the natural beauty of the land, and the authenticity of the people who live here. So we packed up our things in Southern California and moved across the country in pursuit of a vastly different life.

We've since learned that almost everyone here has a "side hustle" - a gig apart from their daily job, to supplement their income and explore their creativity. One of the things we love most about living here is meeting different makers and learning about their process. It inspires us to try new things ourselves. 

The Vermont Crafted Goods Co. is a curated, seasonal shop featuring small batch items made in Vermont.

We select items that support our manifesto and are inspired by the Vermont lifestyle and aesthetic.

As much as possible, we source supplies from within our great home state and employ sustainable packaging.

To that end, our wood boxes, printed labels and wood packing material are all made in Vermont, along with the box contents. 

Thank you for supporting Vermont businesses and families with your purchase.

We love living here.