The Vermont Crafted Manifesto

We commit to sustainability.

From our packaging to our marketing materials to our office supplies and everything in between, we commit to making sound choices in support of the longevity of our planet.

We commit to your health.

The foods and body care products we feature must be heavily weighted in favor of your longevity. That means we approach our makers to finesse their packaging, paying for them to switch from plastic to glass. Or we collaborate with them to switch from synthetic ingredients and fragrances to pure, wholesome alternatives. This practice allows small businesses to test the market viability of a new idea and provides you with a first look at high quality products that just can't be mass-produced and remain affordable.

We commit to Vermont.

That may sound silly, but the reason people don't flock to this state in droves is because there just aren't a lot of jobs here. Our hope is that this fledgling business will continue to grow and support our Vermont makers, partners and employees. Whenever possible, we commit to sourcing Vermont-made supplies, even when a less-expensive alternative may be sourced elsewhere.