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While we originally set out to sell only curated gift boxes, our candles quickly became one of our bestsellers.

What makes them so special?

To begin with, our candles are made with 100% American farmed soy wax and 100% cotton wicks, which means they burn cleanly (no soot or carcinogens to breathe) and longer than their paraffin counterparts.

But perhaps the most popular aspect is the scent - we worked with the apothecary at Whisper Hill to create custom essential oil blends to evoke the spirit of each season in Vermont.

Each scent is fresh, clean, and crafted with 100% pure essential oils so they won't overpower your home or your senses (because 'fragrance oils' are NOT natural). Our candles are also made to order in small batches, so the balance of top, middle and low notes remains intact.

Each candle is hand poured into a glass holder that can later be re-purposed into a cocktail tumbler or vase. An excellent host/hostess gift, the quality of this candle is on par with, and exceeds, many high end candles that sell for much more. Try them and see!

SUMMER: In Vermont, summer brings a riotous explosion of flowers and green, such that all we want to do is socialize outdoors. To that end, we sought to create a versatile scent that works as well in your kitchen as it does outdoors, and also repels bugs without smelling like bug spray (there is no citronella in this candle). This fresh and clean scent includes lemon verbena alongside other herbs and is quite popular.

AUTUMN: For the autumn scent we targeted a blend that evokes those cozy feelings of fall, without smelling like pumpkin spice. While we don't disclose all the oils we use (we consider our scents proprietary), we will say the top note is nutmeg and it smells delicious. This scent proved so popular, we turned also turned it into our Cozy Home Spray.

WINTER: This candle evokes the smell of the Vermont woods on a crisp snowy day. With notes of pine and vanilla, it's clean and cozy scent will make you want to wrap up with a warm blanket and a good book next to the fire.

SPRING:  Our most floral scent, perhaps due to our own wishful thinking as spring comes much later to Vermont than it does to the rest of the country. A unique blend of jasmine, mint and light citrus notes, this candle actually smells quite different when lit then when sniffed cold. It took us over 20 tries to settle on the result and our final pick smells like joy in a jar.

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Each candle is 10 oz.

Burn time: 50 hrs.