Artisanal Vinegars

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We are thrilled to offer these raw, aged and unfiltered Artisanal Vinegars from the good folks of Fable Farm Fermentory in Barnard. Whether sipped as a tonic or used as an ingredient, culinary enthusiasts will surely notice the difference that prolonged aging of cider vinegar brings to the final product.

Made from wild apples harvested locally, their pressed cider ferments slow and steady using the Orleans Method, wherein apple wine is poured only half-full into a barrel containing the “Mother” of vinegar. In the presence of oxygen, acetic acid bacteria fully metabolize the wine into vinegar, at which point the vinegar is racked and topped up in a fresh barrel for multiple years of aging, becoming increasingly potent with time.

Although Fable Farm's vinegars are unfiltered and unrefined, their natural clarification ensues from being aged in barrels for so long, as organic material slowly falls out of solution.

The herbal vinegar is steeped with a medley of dried herbs and sumac berries for one month priort to bottling, adding to the complexity of flavors that can be woven into a vast array of culinary dishes and dressings, cocktails, switchels, shrubs, and much more!


Five Year Aged Vinegar - wild Vermont apples + “Mother” of vinegar

Three year Aged Herbal Vinegar - wild Vermont apples, “Mother” of vinegar, sumac berries, holy basil, thyme, sage, lemon balm, nettles.

375 ml bottles