Olive Oil by The Lincoln Standard

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Olive oil from Vermont, you ask? Well, not exactly. This olive oil is imported by a Lincoln, Vermont family with connections to Umbria, such that they've sourced the most delicious, small batch cold-pressed EVOO - unprocessed and untainted by solvents. 

This olive oil is made by pressing olives of the Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino varieties harvested last October, starting with the fifth moon after blossoming. 

With it's bright green color, floral bouquet and spicy finish, this oil is in a league of its own. Honestly, we can eat it by the spoonful. Drizzled over avocado toast and finished with flaky sea salt is also a favorite. This is the gold standard or, rather, the Lincoln Standard of olive oil. 500 ml tin.

Looking for the perfect gift for the culinary inclined?Pair it with an artisanal vinegar from Fable Farm and cherry wood board from Maple Landmark.