Top 5 Picnic Spots in Woodstock Village

A group of Woodstock citizens mobilized to move the snow dump outside of town, and raised funds to create a beautiful park overlooking the Ottauquechee.

While our contribution was small, our family did participate in several work days over the past two years to help remove debris left by Hurricane Irene, eradicate invasive weeds, and help install new landscaping.

Seeing the finished product is so rewarding! It's inspired me to share our Top 5 Picnic Spots in Woodstock:

1. The new East End Park - true to its name, it's located on the east end of the Village, just off Rte. 4.

Accessible on foot from the public parking lot on the North side of Rte. 4 (where there are EV charging stations), there is talk of creating a walking path entirely along the river, which would be awesome.

For now, the park is an easy flat walk to a spectacular spot overlooking the river, with views of the Iron Bridge and Mt. Tom to the West and Billings Farm across the way. There is also river access, for those who want to fish or launch a kayak and take a ride down to Taftsville, where there is a spot to haul out before the dam. There are several picnic benches, which were installed as part of a local Eagle Project. And Abracadabra Coffee roastery is located in the red barn at the end of the park - they host fun and delicious collaborations on the weekends!

2. Top of Mt. Peg - Overlook

This spot provides an incredible panoramic view, with Killington Peak in the distance, the Village nestled between Mt. Peg and Mt. Tom across the way, and Pomfret Valley to the North.

The official trailhead is off Golf Avenue in the Village, but a lesser known access point is also open off Lincoln St., at the top where Thomas St. intersects it.

This access point is closer to our home, and we enjoy taking visitors up the incline to enjoy the view from the park benches at the top. One can then continue on and wind around Mt. Peg via several trails that spur off Overlook. All will eventually take you back to town, although some are much longer than others.

3. Kedron Brook in town

Not as secluded, but still an incredible spot, the small park next to Kedron Brook is right in the Village and perfect for those with young children.

It is accessible down a set of stairs just past the RT home shop on the South side of Pleasant Street. In the height of summer it is at least 15 degrees cooler than the main street, and the pleasure of eating an ice cream cone there while watching your kids wade in and recover the golf balls that float down from the course is a memory that will stay with you.

4.  Behind the Woodstock History Center

Also right in the heart of the Village, there is a lawn open to the public behind the Woodstock History Center overlooking the Ottauquechee river.

It is accessible by walking down the driveway between the History Center and the Prince and Pauper restaurant.

You'll have the best view of Middle Bridge (the covered bridge in town) and can also dip your toes on a hot day.

5. Faulkner Trail

One of our favorite trails on Mt. Tom, this trailhead begins off Mountain Avenue (across Middle Bridge). It was inspired by the spa walks of Baden-Baden, and the gentle switchbacks make it accessible for all ages.
There are benches at different points along the way, but if you can hold out to the top we promise the view of the Village below is worth it.

We highly recommend picking up a sandwich from the Village Butcher (veggie wrap with hot peppers for me!), Mon Vert (love their sage chicken salad) or Soulfully Good (anything with their homemade dressings is so good) and then walking to any of these spots for a perfect picnic.

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