Spring '18 Box

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Hip hip hooray, it's *almost* spring in Vermont! We've curated some of our favorite products to commemorate the season - with an eye towards cleansing and purification. The Spring '18 box includes:

Vinegar Shots - Vermont Village
The market for drinking vinegar is exploding, but these flavor shots are so delicious you may not even think of them as a “health food.” Their convenient size means you can take probiotic goodness wherever you travel this spring. Enjoy them straight, diluted in a glass of water, or as the base for a fabulous dressing or marinade. Made in Vermont with organic apple cider vinegar and locally grown fruit.

Garuka Bar - Original Edition
Hand made in Burlington with truly raw Vermont honey, these bars were first developed as a source of clean pre-exercise energy, although truth be told we enjoy them any time of day. And if you like them as much as our son does, you’ll especially appreciate the 20% discount code they’ve extended for re-orders through www.garukabars.com - code included in the box! 

Sea Soaks - One Chicken At A Time
Made by a third generation farmer in Woodstock, these bath soaks start with a base of goat milk soap, blended with plants grown entirely on farm and an essential oil, then mixed with Himalayan pink salt for an indulgent and detoxifying blend. We chose Peppermint for this Spring box, as we’re using it to ease our sore muscles from this season’s work AND play.

Herbs de Vermont - FreeVerse Farm
This bucolic farm in Chelsea grows fresh herbs using organic practices, which they then turn into delicious teas and blends for cooking. Their Herbs de Vermont are a “go-to” in our kitchen for seasoning anything savory.

Maple Sugar Cubes - Wood’s Family
One of the first things that motivated us to start Vermont Crafted was the consumption of one-too-many stale maple sugar candies purchased off the shelf from a well-meaning general store. Unbeknownst to many, most maple sugar candy is encrusted with a “crystal coating” - often made from glucose syrup - to prevent the candy from drying out. There is nothing like fresh maple candy that melts in your mouth, though, and these cubes are nothing but 100% maple tree sap that’s been boiled down in stages to form one of nature’s most delicious products.

Spring Candle - Whisper Hill
We’re very proud of the scents we developed to profile the 4 distinct seasons we experience here in Vermont. After 6 months of snow we're excited to light this bright floral scent, which includes notes of mint and mandarin orange. Made from 100% American farmed soy wax, pure essential oils and a 100% cotton wick, this candle burns cleanly, without releasing carcinogens into your home. Hand poured for us in the apothecary at Whisper Hill, in Quechee.